PTBA 2019/06/03

06 /05 2019

Yesterday's PTBA video.
I didn't play ヲリチェイ since 2014, so it was a little messed up xD
Opponent team was in damage rush mode most of the time. I wanted to be in protect mode. Not many chances to go free role.
Video time 4:04 was funny. It took me a while to find slots. And then I interrupted sacrifice with KD...
But I used a KD technique with instant movement. This is something I developed in late 2016 or early 2017.

BGM is almost random. I am out of ideas.w

BA 2019/05/30

06 /02 2019

Glaive beginner BA video.
PTPVP is rare in NGE. When there is BA/SA, it is mostly late night in Japan. The server needs more players.


03 /27 2019

I made a lot of mistakes, but that was so much fun.
Probably I can do under 30 minutes. Maybe I should use devil spirit later. There are many ideas anyway.
I wanted to have fun. Making this video was also fun!


03 /26 2019
PTSA was broken, so we played team free battle. I upload a video.

It was lost 3:6 or more (round score). I mentioned a few problems.
1. PT setup was suboptimal. 力ヲリwiz needs "1st ヲリ role". バドクレ is better with more people, for example 6vs6 etc.
2. I don't think equipment difference was a problem, but low parry rate is scary.
3. Teamwork could be better. I was not satisfied with team positioning too. That doesn't matter if we play ptpvp once per month...
I still have countless number of teamwork ideas collected since 2016. We only need a server with PTPVP every day. I am starting to believe there is only one way...

NGE PTSA 2019/03/10

03 /11 2019
Too much time without PTPVP... And it occured all of a sudden as usual...
The last match was interrupted by weird EFP problem.


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